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Vegetable Samosa $3.95 [V]

Potatoes, green beans, and spices wrapped in homemade pastry dough and deep fried to golden perfection.

Vegetable Pakora $4.95

Mixed vegetables seasoned with spices and mixed in a homemade batter and deep fried.

Onion Bhaji $4.95

Sliced onion mix with chickpeas flour and spices and deep fried.

Aloo Tikka $3.95 [G.F] [V]

Mashed potato marinated in chickpeas flour sauce and fried to golden perfection.

Vegetable Platter $7.95

Combination of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, onion bhaji and aloo tikka served with mint and tamarind sauce.

Pappad $1.95 [G.F] [V]

Crispy thin lentil wafers seasoned with cumin seeds, black pepper, and baked in tandoori oven.

Samosa Chat $6.95

Vegetable samosa mixed with chickpea, tomatoes, cilantro, and onion, topped with mint, tamarinds, and raita sauce.

Chole Bhature $7.95 [V]

Chana curry on tangy flavor served with your choice of naan, roti, poori, or bhatura.

Chicken Pakora $5.95 [G.F]

Boneless tender chicken marinated with chickpeas flour mixed with spices and deep fried.

Crispy Shrimp $7.95

Crispy shrimp stir fried with onion, red peppers, green peppers and spices.