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Naan $1.95

Traditional Indian style tandoori bread in tear drop shape.

Keema Naan $4.95

Bread stuffed with minced marinated lamb mixed with spinach and spices.

Sweet Naan $3.95

Naan stuffed with raisin, coconut, cherry, cashew nuts, and mixed with sugar.

Cheese Naan $3.95

Naan bread stuffed with cheese and spices.

Garlic Naan $2.95

Garlic flavored traditional Indian tear drop shaped naan bread.

Namaste Special Naan $4.25

Homemade cheese and chicken stuffed bread with raisin, minced cashew nuts, and spices.

Poori $2.95 [V]

Deep fried whole wheat puffy bread.

Aloo Paratha $2.95 [V]

Whole wheat bread stuffed with potato, green peas, and spices.

Onion Kulcha $2.95

Naan bread baked in tandoor oven with onion and spices.

Plain Paratha $2.95 [V]

Multi layered whole wheat bread with butter.

Roti $1.95 [V]

Whole wheat plain bread.

Bhatura $2.95

Deep fried puffy naan bread.

Bread Basket $7.95

Assortment of garlic naan, cheese naan, sweet naan, aloo paratha, onion kulcha with two kinds of chutney and raita.